Helpful Resources

See what articles, videos, and books I have found helpful when learning more about these incredible methods.


Videos on Resonance Repatterning® and muscle-checking


Links to articles written by others and myself to better explain some of the methods.


Some of my recommended books and online classes. I do not receive any royalties.

Helpful Videos

Below is a library of videos I recommend to help understand the methods of Resonance Repatterning®, Magui Block Method, and Muscle Checking (Applied Kinesiology).

Watch Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, author of “Biology of Belief” talk about how the patterns of our mind (programming) affect our biology. Well worth the 15 minutes to understand how repatterning can help you.

Dr. Bruce Lipton Talks About How to Reprogram the Mind, includes Commendation for RR
Psychotherapist Magui Block Explains her Process for Positive Change

Helpful Articles

Below is a comprehensive list of articles I’ve written to allow for a better exploration into these healing practices.

Books & Trainings

Below are some books and online training opportunities I recommend if you are interested in learning even more about these holistic health methods.

Heal Your Family: Get Love and Life to Flow from Your Ancestors to You and Your Children

Magui Block draws upon her work as a psychotherapist to share cases and personal experiences in order to help families enhance their lives and work toward their goals and dreams.


Spiral Up!: 127 Energizing Options to be your best right now

You can use these Options at work when your back hurts or you’re in overwhelm, at home when you need to calm down or recharge your energy, to help your kids when they’re nervous about a test or making friends, in relationships when differences leave you upset and stressed out – any time, anywhere.



Resonate: Zen and the Way of Making a Difference Ginny Whitelaw 

In a world of great noise, disruption, and dysfunction, it’s hard to be heard or know how to make a difference. But master the principal underlying change, and you can live your most significant, joyful and resilient life. That principle is resonance, and Resonate is your guide. In these pages, you’ll discover

How resonance does everything
How you can become a more resonant being
How you can apply resonance to bring about change, from love and relationships, to goals and dreams, to large-scale social change




A 15 video self-guided online training on how to muscle check yourself for energy and creating positive change. Taught by Chloe Faith Wordsworth



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