A Metaphysical Viewpoint on Transforming Consciousness with Muscle Checking

Artwork by Pamela Zagarenski

It is my nature to ask the Spirit within the meaning of things.
In my quest to understand muscle checking
and how it’s used in the process of transforming consciousness.
I asked and I let those answers flow from my heart.
Here’s what I received:

Can you tell me, from your perspective, what transforming consciousness with muscle checking does? 

Child, when you begin to open yourself up to the larger
and greater aspects of yourself
(like connecting to your spirit and the energy of Home)
there comes with it an inherent challenge.

Within this challenge however, is the key to transformation.

As you expand you become more aware of the tight and restrictive boundaries that hold you in place
and limit the full expression of yourselves as creative beings.

When this happens your physical system becomes clogged like a drain pipe
that has had too much garbage put down it.
The opening through which the water/energy flows
becomes only a trickle until either the opening closes completely
or a plunger is used to break up the material that created the block.

Muscle checking is a tool not unlike a plunger on an energetic level.
It is a resource to use whenever you are stuck or debilitated by your own and other creations.

How does muscle-checking relate to Source?

Source/All That Is is fully aware that mankind needs transformative tools to unhook you from your past perceptions of reality.
Now is the time to incorporate the greater wealth available to mankind from Universal Sources not yet fully being endorsed, or utilized.

Muscle checking is a gift you have given yourselves
from your Source/Creator impulse,
in response to your own requests for the means and outlet
to transform your human limitations
into qualities of higher awareness and embodiment.

Muscle checking makes the transition easier.
It is a time saving and cost-cutting device
that takes years off the struggle to come back into balance experientially within the limited reality you have created.

What is its relevance to Source?

Muscle checking provides an opportunity to clear out and clarify who one is in relation to one’s Universe and Source/All That Is.

If a Being perceives the world only through the limited context of what has been created physically,
then life will indeed look very bleak.

The purpose of the process of transforming consciousness
with muscle checking is to alleviate the stresses and strains of your everyday reality,
and at the same time allow you to enter into a context,
or mirror, of your true self from its highest perceivable vantage point, at any given time, while still limited in physical reality.

Artwork by Pamela Zagarenski

How is the transformational process implemented?

Your transforming consciousness process is very much like a mirror.
You stand back from viewing your creation
and in its reflection, you get to see clearly what you have created.

Transformation takes place after accessing information regarding the nature of the imbalances and essentially,
by allowing the imbalances to just be;
even admiring these blocks
and misalignments as part of a past creative and very artistic expression.
(For we, on this side of the veil witness all your lives as great works of art!)

However, just as a painting will lose its significance as generations progress,
so too will a human being quickly outgrow their manifestations.
The process of transforming consciousness
allows for the quick application of hindsight
to propel new levels of awareness
superimposing a new vision of what is possible for the person viewing themselves.

Artwork by Pamela Zagarenski

What are the results of transforming consciousness with muscle checking, and what desirable effects do they have?

It provides limitless possibilities for expansion into the true nature of your multidimensional reality.

If you can forget for a moment that all things on the Earth plane need an explanation in order to be effective,
the results of transforming consciousness are that time
and space
are transcended
to allow a doorway to open through which you pass into the field of potentiality.

Once you’ve stepped through the open door
you are literally reorganizing subatomic particles to reconfigure and transmute matter in accordance with new levels of awareness of self,
and your relationship and position in the Universe.

You set a place for yourself at the table of Life,
you invite yourself to sit in that place
and you feed yourself;
telling yourself you can eat anything your heart desires.
You only limit yourself by what you think you deserve or what you can imagine.

Thank you. This is most helpful.

Yes, Child, we know, and you’re welcome.