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Learn more about the methods used during a session to free your mind of subconscious blocks.

Zumi Potts Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning

Created by Chloe Wordsworth who believes when you change what you resonate with, you change your life.

Applied Kinesiology

Also known as “muscle-checking”, this method is used to discover negative or positive patterns within the body system.

Zumi Potts Magui Block

Magui Block Method

A process of effecting transformative change without the need to re-experience negative crisis moments.

Resonance Repatterning®

The value and key benefit of RR is its ability to access and shift the body/mind energy field toward Holistic health optimizing future potential.

Created by Chloe Wordsworth, 30 years ago for her clients, students, and trained practitioners, it has become an extensive and profound alternative and complement to traditional therapies.

It engages the holistic self: mind, emotions, and spirit.

It is not a medical practice nor a psychological method. Resonance Repatterning® is a method and a tool to access unconscious beliefs, unmet needs, and unproductive patterns at the frequency level to transform resonance with non-coherence.

In other words, it is a method to release blocks in the holistic self that are de-energizing your life force to bring about re-energized well-being for positive outcomes.

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Resonance Repatterning® is also a symbiotic therapy, and works effortlessly in conjunction with other modalities, because the kinesiology tracking system not only reveals hidden motivations but it also identifies the way back to healing and well being! It inherently helps to attract to us adjunct remedies for assisting continued correction to our thought system and subsequent healing (mental, emotional and physical).

We discover what you are resonating with that is de-energizing and burdening you. We gain insight into why you are feeling what you feel and why your life is the way it is. We gather up the old beliefs and perceptions which, seemingly crystallized from the past (and perhaps not directly yours but handed down from generations,) do nothing but make blocks and set you up for future disappointments.

It would be normal at this stage that accompanying feelings of regret and guilt would seem to make any chance of change for the better a doubtful and daunting prospect. However, it is in the process of ‘”looking” at what you are resonating with—the problem—where the most vital information for transformation takes place.

In a session, we may gently touch upon the emotion from previous experience if your holistic system (mind/autonomic nervous system) needs acknowledgment, but more often than not the feelings uncovered are one of relief, lightness, acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude. Since to discover you are no longer at the effect of something long ago, misperceived or seemingly set in stone, is liberating.

In the course of, and typically at the end of a session, energy medicine modalities: visualization, color therapy, breathe work, movement, etc., that spiral you upwards, strengthen and support the new resonating frequency. Particularly powerful for use during sessions, these energetics modalities in Chloe’s book may also be purchased online for personal use.

Applied Kinesiology

A tool used to discover either the negative or positive patterns that resonate within the body-mind system.

The Autonomic Nervous System of the brain, nerves, and muscles activate in response to what we resonate with. Our muscles, when checked, will, therefore, remain strong or weaken to negative or positive cues or statements.

As a binary indicator, the muscles signal an on ”(active)”/ ”off (inactive)” response.

Muscle-checking therefore can identify those negative or non-coherent patterns spiraling us down and depleting the energy field. It can also identify what modalities induce energy back into the energy field for optimal well-being.


Active Muscle Check


Inactive Muscle Check

This binary system of on ”(active)”/ ”off (inactive)” muscle-checking focuses our attention on what is energizing and what isn’t.

For example, focusing on a belief or a perception from the past/present/future—that we think is accurate and we agree with—the muscles in the body stay strong and ‘resonate’ with it. Even if the statement is negative and detracts from our life force. If there is no energy for a statement then the muscles will be “weak”, even if the statement is positive, an individual’s system would have no resonance with it.

The almost miraculous nature of this binary on/off gift is that we can discover things about our motivation for current choices and actions based on cultural, familial, or social dictates that were previously unconscious and running the show.

In other words, we were unaware of what we were really doing.

Even when we try to override an answer we don’t particularly believe we perceive or think, it is very difficult to “lie” when muscle-checking. Our conscious mind can choose to change “the facts” to suit us but the muscle-checking is always non-judgemental. It doesn’t take any side, it’s neutral.

For example, if someone said, “My name was Joe” when his name was actually Richard, they couldn’t possibly hold their arm up when pressed with a single finger. So this very powerful tool is very helpful in tracking and taking note of the pertinent points needed to know about someone’s issue — physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual — where it comes from, what it has to teach us and how to correct it.


Magui Block Method®

Healing the Family Systems
Systemic Constellations
Attract the Love of Your Life.

Magui Block believes it is possible to overcome challenging circumstances and to heal without pain. She believes it because she has seen it countless times by helping people transform their lives with an ease that surprises them.

As a practitioner myself I have also witnessed the ease with which difficult complex issues resolve for people with these simple techniques.

It is possible to change through love and with happiness, as we keep growing into the person we are meant to be.

Understanding this principle has been the foundation on which the Magui Block Method® has been developed. By combining techniques and methods of psychotherapy, Magui was able to craft a process of effective transformative change without the need to re-experience negative crisis moments.

The foundational work that I use of Magui’s in a private session is primarily from her work based on Constellation work (originally by Bert Hellinger. ) Magui combined the fundamental principles of Hellinger’s work with Resonance Repatterning® and other effective modalities to create a unique system now called the Magui Block Method®.

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