My name is Zumi Potts

I’m an holistic practitioner specializing in applied kinesiology (muscle-checking), and an artist, assisting clients in a therapeutic private practice for over a decade. My methods of working succeed by accessing blockages in the body/mind system quickly and efficiently, effecting positive transformations of what were previously thought to be unhappy, painful, very difficult or impossible situations.

And the consistent reliability of kinesiology or muscle checking to pinpoint accurate information about the nature of any block to well-being means that it saves time, which also means it is cost effective.

I work with clients over the phone or internet. It is not necessary to see me in person in order for effective change to occur. The added benefit being that you can have sessions in the comfort of your own home or if need be in another place over your mobile phone. Muscle checking is a skilled ability that isn’t limited by distance.

How does it work long distance?

To give a very simple analogy which many people will recognize these days: it’s like what happens when your computer (body/mind system) is not responding well and something appears wrong with your hard drive and so you call technical support. Rather than telling you over the phone what to do and where to go—because it’s too complicated—they ask you if they can “remotely access your system.”

Then as you watch, they probe to find the glitch, check the software for bugs, delete what you don’t need, and defragment the old files.

These “old files” are the unmet needs and unfinished business from your past that permeate your invisible mainframe (mind) and govern computational actions (decisions) that don’t serve well-functioning adult behavior (happy outcomes). Those old files were coping methods from childhood that did their job then: to protect and preserve you, but now completely outdated.

As we look together you discover more possibilities and options than you could previously recognize because the blocks have been removed, you also re-connect to a more supportive inner system (self) by having deleted what you don’t need anymore.

I’m very pleased you are discovering new possibilities for yourself by reading this, and I welcome all enquiries or if you know you are ready now and want an appointment, I look forward to working with you.

All the best,

 Appointment for a personal transformation, click here!
Appointments for a personal transformation, click here!






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