How does Energy Psychology with Kinesiology work?

By Zumi B Potts
Psychological Kinesiology is also known by other terms such as “muscle testing” and organic (body response) biofeedback.
Self muscle-checking or applied kinesiology

When focusing on a belief or a perception from the past/present that we think is true the muscles in the body stay strong ‘resonating’ with what the mind is thinking. Muscles maintain strength regardless of how much an out-stretched arm say, is being pressed upon. Conversely, when our mind focuses on something that does not resonate with being true or accurate the muscles in an upheld arm would be easily pushed down with one finger!

The almost miraculous nature of this binary on/off gift is that we can discover things about our motivation for choices and actions that were previously unconscious. That’s right! We can discover stuff we didn’t consciously know affected us because we ALWAYS make choices about absolutely everything we think, say and do based on our stored past learning and concluding beliefs. Even when we try to override an answer we don’t particularly believe we perceive or think, its impossible to ‘lie’ when muscle tested. Our conscious mind can choose to change ‘the facts’ to suit us but the muscle-testing is always non-judgemental. It doesn’t take aside, it’s neutral. Remember it’s just checking resonance and that’s all that it responds to.  For example, if someone said, “My name was Joe” when his name was actually Richard, they couldn’t possibly hold their arm up when pressed with a single finger. So we can track and take notes of everything we need to know about someone’s issue — physical, emotional, mental or spiritual — where it comes from, what it has to teach us and how to heal it.   Still after using it thousands of times in sessions with clients; the wisdom and truth it reveals never ceases to amaze both the client and myself.

In finding the exact originating events, we gain insight into why we are feeling what we feel and why our life is the way it is. We get to see what beliefs are crystallized from the past, and how they follow us into our present life situations often bringing regret and guilt with them, which can make us fearful of our future. In ‘looking’ we may gently experience the emotion behind the originating situation if it is necessary and comes to the surface to be acknowledged, but more often it will be a relief to discover how the presence of the felt sense/emotion is affecting our bodies. Then we apply energy modalities: visualization, color therapy, breathe work etc, that spiral upwards strengthening and supporting the new resonating frequency. Now we are powerful again because we now have proof positive that it is the mind that affects matter, and we can always change our minds with new insight and understanding gained during the session!

Psychological Kinesiology is also a symbiotic therapy, and can effortlessly work in conjunction with other modalities.  It inherently helps to attract to us adjunct remedies for assisting continued healing. It works with everything!  This is because the kinesiology tracking system not only reveals hidden motivations it also tracks the way back to healing and well being.