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Zumi- Just want to thank you for your consistent support and love. Your ability to pinpoint and clear metaphysical blockages is uncanny. You act as my proxy to access the divine in myself and I am forever grateful for your gift of brightness and precision.

Kerry Sullivan, Rhode Island

In 2007 I was very fortunate to have discovered Zumi Potts and her amazing abilities to heal.

My life and experiences had left me at my wits end, and asking questions what is this all for why does life have to be so painful. Why can’t I have the life I want, what am I doing wrong, and why am I attracting so much difficulty and pain.

I knew I was attracting my painful experiences based on my abusive childhood and sense of lack and struggle. I tried counseling for years which seemed to help for a while, but nothing seemed to manifest for the better longterm. I know energetically something needed to shift in order for me to have the life I truly want. Or I will continue down the path generations before me have. I wanted to break the cycle and have a peaceful experience while I am on this earth.

I allowed myself to be open to Zumi’s abilities and trust in the process of energetic healing.

She is able to reach out to family members who have passed on and communicate with them which also has help eased the pain of losing my mother most recently.

It truly has changed my life for the better, she is a God sent. Words cannot truly explain how grateful I am to Zumi and her natural abilities to heal.

I feel she is a modern day healer of our time.

—J. Indiana

I just want to Thank you again for today’s session! You are a remarkable person! I feel very blessed to have been able to find you!

… insight on how the soul and spirit can transcend above all emotional pain ( and how the beliefs manifest in our life energy, and how to change) in-order to live a more fulfilled happy life. Like you have helped me!!! : )
You have a gift that would heal the world!!

—J, California

“The only way I can describe what you do is to say it lets me know when I’m lying to myself. I can’t believe how much I lie to myself!
It’s very helpful to know when I’m doing that. What else is there.
When you know you are lying to yourself you are not going to pursue that direction.”

—G, Rhode Island

 “Thank you Zumi. Your words bring clarity and sobriety. You are the messenger of truth.”

-Z, Connecticut

“..during our session i kept thinking how great you are at what you do. it is amazing – your voice is perfect – you humor is perfect, you are so good at making it comfortable even though it is such a strange thing. i can’t imagine anyone being better at this than you :) thank you ! i felt like the session covered so many things that have been concerning me lately. as usual, i don’t remember it very clearly, but i remember thinking – oh great, we are getting to this too..”

Robin PRhode Island

“I am writing to let you know of the tremendous shifts that I have had since our work on Friday.
By Monday day I set up to look at a couple of apartments. By Monday evening, I had broken up with _______, with little fear or anxiety, despite his rather dramatic reaction. I have been staying at my Mom’s since Tuesday and will be moving with Lucky tomorrow into a wonderful, new apartment!

I am amazed at my level of happiness and ease with which I have moved through this process. My level of anxiety is maybe a 0.5 on a scale of 1-10. I have had a couple of brief moments, but they come and go in a matter of a minute or two, as I know that I am on the right path. Everything has flowed so beautifully, and I find myself becoming so excited to start living MY life. This is a fresh new start. A clean slate, like I was hoping for, surrounded by gobs of support from everyone who is dear to me.
I cannot wait to continue on this adventure and start to mold who I really am and want to become.

I thank you form the bottom of my heart for the work that you have lead me through, and I am eager to continue to work with you to build a happier, healthier and more productive (me)”

Jamie, Rhode Island

I feel great and I convinced that my realigned positive energy will lead and keep me on my path of love and happiness. Thank you again.

-Elizabeth, Connecticut

Hi…I’m calling to let you know what a huge difference our session made with the stuff that’s been going on with my son. He went through the same old stuff but without anything like the level of…anger he had, and… it’s wonderful and I’m really hopeful. Thank you!

C., Rhode Island

“Thanks so much for our conversation today and all of the helpful sessions that we have had in the past. I feel that we are getting to the heart of the issues that limit my true potential. It amazes me that each time we finish a session a new opportunity is presented in some other area of my life. Your understanding and genuine concern for my well-being has unlocked so many possibilities for a more peaceful and productive life.

p.s. I checked my email when we got off the phone and the recruiter for Prat and Whitney advised me to apply online as a formality that she thought would lead to a job offer…I am a believer. Thanks!

-Bill, Connecticut

“A while back you had asked me a how my relationship with my
father and communication was going. I am happy to report that
communication is better and continues to get better/grow with time. My
relationship with my father is alright-could be better, and right now
isn’t the best, but RR did help. I think it pointed out to me that
there was an issue, whereas before I wasn’t aware of it. Thank you
once again for the sessions and checking in on me.”

B. Rhode Island

What can I say, other than when can I have my next session?”

M, Illinois

“I so loved my session with you on Tuesday.”

M, Massachusetts

“Just a quick note to say how delighted I am that our paths have crossed, and how appreciative I am of the journey you’ve been on which allows you to take me (and all of us who find you) on the sort of multi-dimensional, love-colored, freedom ride we were on together yesterday.”

J, Rhode Island

“I would like to thank you… You are my angel here on Earth. After our session everything changed to loving, joyful, happy, caring and compassionate. Within minutes you brought me out of pain and darkness to love and clarity. There is no words to describe it. ”

-Z, Connecticut

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! … the things that have been happening through this work that you have introduced me to…has been nothing short of mind boggling and miraculous — I can’t thank you enough.”

-R, Rhode Island

“I feel as though you have reached inside of me and allowed the real me to find a safe haven to come out and embrace all of my life.”

-Tara, Rhode Island


“You taught me that I am not my thoughts. I relax in your company and truly feel heard. You feed my spirit and my soul. You bring me peace”

-Sarah, Rhode Island

“I love that this work gets straight to the point, versus the assumed slow pace that usually seems to go hand in hand with traditional forms of psychotherapy.”

-Robin M., Rhode island

“It is always a joyous experience to work with you–I felt supported, safe, powerful, and able to receive dramatic healing each time. The work opened me up in new ways. What amazes me is that it continues to exert an effect years later. Powerful.”

– Lisa, Rhode Island

“You return people to love themselves.”

– Roslin, Rhode Island

“Thank you. Thank you for being my friend, my confidant, my mentor, my inspiration, my support, my life line, and my life saver. I have been blessed beyond belief to have you in my life. You have been so influential in helping me achieve not only my educational and professional goals and dreams of graduating law school but also at inspiring me to become a better person with a constant desire to create a more peaceful, harmonious, and joyous life. A life that I have learned is mine for the taking thanks to you and your dedication to your work.  Your desire to heal others, coupled with your caring demeanor, has touched my soul unlike anyone else.  I feel as though you have reached inside of me and allowed the real me to find a safe haven to come out and embrace all of my life.  Your compassion, understanding, and undying patience have been a tremendous comfort to me through the most tumultuous three years of my life, I have no doubt that I could not have succeeded without you and your work to see me through.  So thank you Zumi. Thank you for choosing this path, for honoring yourself and honoring others, and for being the angel that you are.”

– T, Rhode Island

“Zumi, Thanks!

I seem to be doing much better! I put an offer on a darling house and they accepted. You’re a wonderful person and you do a great job.”

– B, Tennessee

Dear Zumi,

”The work I did with you two years ago put a dramatic change into effect and helped me to shift my energy in several areas of my life that had been blocked. In one area–that of finances–I had been especially blocked. I know that our work together opened a door, and I continue to experience changes from those sessions we did some time ago–one of the beauties of working energetically. I am very grateful. Today, my business is thriving. I know that with you I laid the energetic ground work of that.

It is always a joyous experience to work with you–I felt supported, safe, powerful, and able to receive dramatic healing each time. The work opened me up in new ways. What amazes me is that it continues to exert an effect years later. Powerful.”

– Lisa Tener, Author, Book Coach, RI  www.LisaTener.com

I feel much better today. I want to continue with our sessions as they were so helpful last summer.

A., North Carolina

oh Zumi,
you are so gifted!
Through you and your work my heart has drifted
from places dark and dull
to a peaceful
I have learned from you

– George, Rhode Island


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