Zumi’s bio timeline

I  trained as a Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner under the care of its creator Chloe Wordsworth along with teachers Gail Noble Glanville, Michelle Bongiorno and Ardiz Osborn. I now incorporate the work of Magui Block®, from her hands on training, for its profound and simplified effectiveness. I rely on psychological kinesiology to quickly discover underlying causes of lack of well-being.

I’ve been in practice since 2001.

Additional info:

I was born in W. Yorkshire, England; and graduated Manchester Metropolitan University, England, with BFA in 3D Design, and 2 years later moved to the United States.

I started a business in Couture Dressmaking in Richmond, Virginia when I first arrived in the States that lasted 10 years.

I received my MFA in Costume Design (Theatre) in 1994
and worked at The Utah Shakespeare Festival for 5 years as cutter/draper;
Florida International University, Miami Florida as a Costume Designer, Costume Manager, Instructor,
and University of Maryland for a season as Costume Shop Manager and Instructor.

I now live with my husband on an old farm in Rhode Island.

I am also A Course in Miracles student and a student of an inner dictation from Spirit and am currently working to improve my artistic skills as a painter.



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